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BS5837 Tree Survey, Tree Constraints Plan
This type of survey is normally required to obtain planning permission where trees are on, or adjacent to the proposed building area. The survey will come as two parts, the survey and report attached with a tree constraints plan which is drawn to detail tree metrics and tree locations in scale.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment
This survey is developed using the proposed build drawings, any encroachment or disturbance to trees will have to be assessed and and grading system to sort trees into retention/removal in a fashion which enables all trees of merit to be protected to enhance the site aesthetics.

Mortgage or Insurance Tree Report
If you are a land owner or looking to buy property then you may need an assessment from a professional. This assessment will cover any trees or invasive species on the property and report on how they could affect/damage the property if left.

Arboricultural Method Statement
Local planning authorities often request a method statement which entails how the retention of protected trees will be carried out on site. The arboricultural method statement is in place to detail how these trees will be protected throughout the development phase.

Arboricultural Supervision and Site Monitoring Your local authority may request that the trees on a site are inspected periodically to ensure that all protective measures are in place and retention protocols and being followed. Other tasks like footings may need to be supervised by an arboriculturist if in close proximity of retained trees.
TreeConsult is a partner company of Woodward Tree Surgeons.

TreeConsult uses its skills and experience to quickly develop professional in depth tree reports which cover all aspects of arboricultural planning.

We also develop reports for health and safety, public liability, duty of care and insurance/mortgage reports.

Our high quality reports can be tailored to fit the individual needs of our client base and plans of any quantity or specific requirement can always be accomodated.

We work fast and gather all neccessary data in order to process reports faster in turn, making your life easier. You recieve the report that you need in the time scale that you set to ensure client satisfaction. 
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